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CUTTHROAT VINYL DECAL SET: Available in 2 Colors

CUTTHROAT VINYL DECAL SET: Available in 2 Colors

$ 6.00
  • Set of (2) Vinyl Decals
  • Each decal measures approximately 1" x 6.75"
  • Available in Black or White
  • Decals are made from ultra high gloss calendered vinyl film and have an outdoor durability of 5 years
  • Decal is Permanent
  • Directions to apply: Clean surface with a dry cloth. Use "Squeegee" or credit card to apply pressure over the entire decal. Peel clear mask away from back lining, decal should be attached to mask as you lift. Place decal on prepared surface. Use "Squeegee" or credit card again to apply pressure from middle to outward sides in all directions. Carefully peel away mask from surface. If Vinyl starts to come up, lay it back down, "squeegee" over decal and lift again.
  • Please use extra care when peeling decal away from lining to ensure that the inside of the letters come up with the entire decal.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Photos are for reference only, please refer to actual measurements of decal before ordering

PLEASE NOTE: Design is sole property of Carben Design Studio and may not be resold, added to a design or used for any other form of reproduction or distribution without written permission by Carben Design Studio.
**Colors may vary depending on your monitor specs.

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